All of these channels use little or no English and are focused on providing visuals or some other scaffolding alongside their speech to make it comprehensible to even beginner learners. They also include accurate Japanese subtitles so they make good resources for listening or reading practice alongside their added visual aids. いろいろな日本語, a new channel I just found recently that uses hand drawn pictures on paper that the narrator points to while speaking to help understanding. This channel is currently covering anime plots as well as describing and introducing commonly used kanji. Very beginner Japanese with easy pronunciation: Comprehensible Japanese, similar to the first channel but digital art and photos rather than on paper, this channel is more popular and has a larger backlog of videos. I would say just slightly harder than the above, but a great beginner resource regardless: Daily Japanese with Naoko, in this channel the youtuber Naoko films herself speaking while shes out and about or at home speaking on one chosen topic. Not the largest channel backlog but the videos are well composed with natural and somewhat more intermediate speech (she also has a website linked in her channel header to written material): Nihongo-Learning, this channel's Yuta started primarily teaching grammar, however in his recent videos he films himself at various locations describing things around him and what he does, often acting everything out very dramatically which makes the videos both fun and easy to follow! This is targeted at beginners and is likely the easiest to follow along on this list: Japanese with Shun, here Shun speaks with friends describing food, places, and how hes spending his time traveling. This channel is beginner to intermediate level depending on the subject/guests and has a large backlog: もしもしゆうすけ, one of the more extensive resources on this list providing a large backlog and longer video length. Here Yuusuke walks through cities, goes to konbini's or restaurants, does daily tasks, and has conversations with friends narrating the whole time. His videos include baked captions in hiragana and English, which may be helpful or distracting depending on ones level, though they also include accurate Japanese subs via closed captions. Regardless, definitely worth checking out and makes good listening material: